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As befits the Arts Square itself, a variety of trends, styles, and types of art come together under the roof of the Arts Square Gallery – from folk crafts to antiques, from decorative arts to jewelry, from works by contemporary artists to the acknowledged masterpieces of classical art. Here, visitors may not only admire the artworks on display, but also participate in lively debates, learn new creative skills, enhance their understanding of art, broaden their experience and share knowledge. Our highly professional staff act as guarantors of a friendly atmosphere, positive feelings and a good mood.
One of the rooms in the gallery features a display of artworks from the collection of philanthropist and collector Mikhail Sasonko. His collection of paintings, graphic art and miniature sculptures includes several thousand works created both by renowned masters as well as by less celebrated yet equally talented artists who – for one reason or another – have been largely forgotten, but whose works are no inferior to the classics. The pride of the collection are paintings by Arkady Rylov, Fyodor Reshetnikov, Aleksei Gritsai, Dmitry Nalbandyan, Vyacheslav Pakulin, Viktor Proshkin, Evsey Moiseenko, Petr Petrovichev, Gennady Myznikov, Georgy Niski, Arseny Semionov, Alexander Alkhovsky, Oleg Gadalov, Nikolai Galakhov and others.
Michail Sasonko

Collector, philanthropist and trustee of the Moscow Conservatory. President and co-owner of the SASONKO Jewelry House and the Mikhailov Gallery company.

Born in Leningrad. Graduated from the "Peter the Great" St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Since the early 1990s, he has worked in the world of business, specializing in investments in jewelry. In 2003 he founded the SASONKO Jewelry House, with the goal of supporting talented jewelers and to preserve and enrich the long tradition of Russian jewelry. Today the SASONKO Jewelry House includes the Mikhailov Gallery company, which brings together the Vladimir Mikhailov jewelry collections featuring Orthodox Christian symbols and the Ballet collection of original jewelry, as well as a gallery of original adornments and stone-cut miniatures by Mikhail Chemiakin. The gallery also includes Mikhail Sasonko's collection of socialist realist paintings. This consists of several thousand magnificent paintings and graphic art works created during the Soviet period by artists who played a key role in the development of the Russian art school in the 20th century.

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